Clarity Services

Helping you turn chaos into clarity so your business can grow.

Collaborative Training Programs

The Clarity Practicum is a series of three Collaborative Training Programs designed to help you turn chaos into clarity in every aspect of your business.

Though each program is available as a standalone service, we highly recommend progressing through all three in sequence to get the best results.

You can check out a brief summary of each Program below, and click the “Learn More” button to go deeper.

1) PurposeFinder

will help you discover the WHY behind your work, and we’ll work together to craft a Purpose statement, Mission statement and Action Plan to apply what you’ve learned.

2) BrandBuilder

will help you develop WHO you are as a company, and who your core customer really is.  We’ll work together to clarify your core values (what you stand for) and your distinctions (how you stand out) and we’ll develop an action plan to help you share it with the people who need it most.

3) PlayMaker

will help you design your next steps to success. We’ll help you craft a vision statement to define your goals and a strategic plan to help you get there.

Personal Clarity Coaching

“Phillip takes the chaos in my head and helps it all make sense.”

That’s what one of our Partners told a friend when trying to describe what we do, and we think it’s perfect.

Our Personal Clarity Coaching service is based on three big ideas:

  • ALL of your dreams and ideas matter, and we can help you put them in the right place.
  • You already know more than you think you do, and we can help you fill in the gaps.
  • Everyone goes farther with a coach, and we can help you stay on track.

The service includes a weekly 45-60 minute voice or video call that will cover whatever topics are most relevant to you and your business right now.

We’ll help you walk through what you’re thinking to gain more clarity, and help you develop an action plan so you’ll know how to take your next step forward.

The cost is $395/mo when auto-paid monthly, and you can get one month free for every six months you pay in advance.

To learn more and get started, schedule a free consultation today to see if our PCC service is a good fit for you.

Interactive Growth Courses

(coming soon…)

  • A.C.E.R. Communication Strategy

    How to move your marketing from lagging to leading, today.

  • S3: Strategic Sales Success

    How to help the right people say “yes” to the right things.